Experienced Cross-Border Transportation Partners More Important Than Ever

Supply chain disruptions and rising prices due to inflation are causing many manufacturers to look towards reshoring to North America to reduce costs. A hotspot for this is the U.S.-Mexico border, where many Chinese-based companies are relocating their manufacturing.

As these companies move to North America for manufacturing, they need experienced cross-border transportation partners to help get their freight moved. Companies like CFI, with major operations at five key U.S.-Mexico cross-border gateways, are in high demand.

Jason Dekker, Director of International Business Development at CFI, explains that "Having a diversified provider that is hyper-focused on bringing a variety of trucking and distribution solutions is the key to supply chain stability in a growing freight market."

CFI offers Truckload, Temp-Control, and Mexico services. With 37 years of cross-border experience, CFI Logistica drives supply chain solutions, including consolidation, deconsolidation, LTL, truckload, flatbed, and brokerage.

You can learn more about the importance of finding a cross-border transportation partner as more manufacturers move to North America from the American Journal of Transportation here.

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