CFI Is Prepared To Meet Canada's Vaccine Mandates

January 14, 2021 - As always, CFI is ready to adapt and remain flexible amidst ever-changing circumstances.

CFI President Gregg Orr shares his thoughts on Canada's vaccine mandate in Heavy Duty Trucking's article titled "Canada to Turn Away Unvaccinated Truck Drivers at Border."

Beginning on  Jan. 15, U.S. truck drivers traveling across the Canadian border must show proof of having been double vaccinated against COVID-19, or else be turned away at the port of entry.

In the article, Orr states that "based on current freight volumes, CFI has enough cross-border drivers to cover its volumes while meeting both Canadian and U.S. mandates."

CFI's fleet “can and will” run their freight across the border, and Orr noted that they've turned to dedicated shuttle fleets with fully vaccinated drivers. 

Follow the link to read more about the trucking industry’s response to Canada’s nationwide vaccine mandate: 

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