CFI Team Drivers Ricky & Mary Praise New T680 Next Gen Kenworth

Team drivers Ricky and Mary were recently selected to receive CFI's 15,000th Kenworth. "CFI truly values its drivers and does its best to accommodate their needs... it's especially nice that they provide drivers with new, premium trucks so that we're comfortable on the road", says Ricky.

Ricky joined CFI as a driver in 1994 and Mary joined to form their team 12 years ago. Together, they have driven over 5.3 million miles for CFI.

The team has put 123,000 miles on their new Kenworth T680 Next Gen and expects to rack up 240,000 miles in their first 12 months with it. Spending this much time on the road has given them time to learn the ins and outs of their new truck and Ricky says, "if the truck make doesn't start with a 'K,' I won't drive it".


Pictured: Drivers Mary and Ricky - First CFI T680 Next-Gen

Read more about Kenworth's new T680 Next Generation and all the features Ricky and Mary say add quality and comfort to life on the road here.


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