Prioritizing Road Safety: Part 1

As truck drivers, we carry a lot of responsibility for keeping roads safe. And as a company, CFI is completely dedicated to promoting safe driving and bringing awareness to road safety issues. Since June is National Road Safety Month, we wanted to take some time to shine a light on some sobering statistics in the hopes that we can encourage each other toward ever-safer driving performance!

Thanks for Driving Safe 

First of all, we want to thank all CFI drivers who dedicate themselves to driving with care. When we get behind the wheel of our rigs, we carry an incredible responsibility to ensure that every move we make guides our multi-thousand-pound rolling chunk of steel safely. We congratulate you on your safety records and encourage you to continue your career as a good steward of the road! 

Road Safety Statistics

Remember to Drive Safe! 

We are responsible as truckers always to drive alert and prioritize the safety of everyone around us and ourselves. While we cannot control the choices of other drivers on the road with us, we can do our part to make the road safer by taking full responsibility for our own safe driving practices!

Next Week…

In part two, we’ll take a look at the ways CFI is promoting safe driving through our Straight Forward Safety program!

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