Is Truckload Easing Back to Normal? This is What CFI Has Seen

According to industry experts, the $332 billion full-truckload (TL) market is showing signs of returning to normal after years of COVID-19-related disruptions.

"Capacity is a lot looser than it was six months ago," says CFI President Greg Orr. "We're not turning down thousands of loads each week as we were early in 2022." However, demand has been uneven, making it almost impossible to make predictions. "The weird thing is, it's not consistent," says Orr. "There may be a pocket in, say, the Pacific Northwest last week, but not this week. It just seems to be hit-and-miss every week." Orr explains that this is related to a backlog of products flowing through the supply chain.
Even with capacity decreasing, there's still lots of freight moving northbound out of Mexico. "There's a lot more freight down there than we have capacity," adds Orr. "We could do double the amount of volume northbound out of Mexico if I had the ability southbound to get it. They're begging us to take more, but I don't have the return loads southbound," explains Orr.
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