CFI Zach Yeakley named 2022 TCA's Highway Angel of the Year

CFI professional driver Zach Yeakley, who is also a 15-year member of the Army National Guard, was awarded today the 2022 TCA Highway Angel of the year for saving six from a deadly crash on a foggy morning. Trained in combat and lifesaving skills, Zach quickly assessed the scene to notify first responders when they arrived. 

Zach and others worked to rescue victims from vehicles that had caught fire and were in critical condition. As he recalled the situation, Zach wanted all to know, "the more you do this, you help show everyone else we are all in this together... maybe everything might calm down."

"This is a proud moment for all of us at CFI. Zach represents everything it means to be a professional driver and a hero," said CFI's President Greg Orr. 

To view TCA's full press release click here. Additionally, this story was amplified by The Trucker and CDL Life.

Watch the video below to learn more about Zach's story, or read more via Heavy Duty Trucking.


2 CFI Professional Driver Zach Yeakley on stage after named 2022 TCA's Highway Angel of the Year.
1 Zach Yeakley 2022 TCA Highway Angel of the Year and CFI's SVP. Sales & Operations, Michael Hinz at TCA Conference in Orlando, FL. 


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