CFI Launches "State of the Industry" Video Series

In today's economic climate, there are a number of key issues truckload carriers must navigate. To help carriers survive this cyclical industry, Greg Orr, CFI's top executive and a 30-year veteran of the trucking and logistics business, is sharing his insights and perspectives on pressing industry issues affecting truckload operators in CFI's new video series. Keep scrolling to watch Orr's videos, or read more about CFI's video series via DC Velocity. 

"It's a challenging time for truckload carriers, and in this environment, it's important to be transparent with shippers and associates," Orr notes. "That's the purpose of this video series, to promote communication and education about important issues that impact us all. Looking from the perspective of a carrier, these simplified topics help folks understand the bigger, complex storm impacting our supply chain."

The series is available now below:

Video One: Capital and Capacity

In this video, Orr discusses the role and impact of small fleets and independent owner-operators and how they serve as a 'circuit breaker' for the industry when capacity gets tight.


Video Two: Fluctuations & Normalcy

Orr discusses his insights on industry fluctuations and when the industry might return to normalcy. While Orr notes that freight volumes are down, he believes we'll see a push back to a normal market. Watch the video below to learn more, and read more about this second installment of CFI's video series via KTLA.

Video Three: Oil and Inflation

In the video below, Orr shares his insights on how the biggest driver of inflation starts with oil. But what does that mean for trucking companies? Watch the video below to find out and read more about oil’s surprisingly far-reaching impacts on inflation via DC Velocity.

Video 4: Relationships & Stability 

Watch the video below to hear about Orr's perspective on relationships between shippers and carriers and how transparency can keep relationships stable regardless of the state of the industry.

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