CFI Professional Driver John Campbell's Heroic Intervention Averts Bridge Crisis in Joplin, Missouri

On Friday, May 24, CFI Professional Driver John Campbell demonstrated remarkable compassion and quick thinking when he noticed a man in distress on a bridge in Joplin, Missouri. Without hesitation, John pulled over and started talking to the individual, who was threatening to jump.

"Somebody, somewhere, loves that person," said Campbell. "That’s someone to somebody. You would want to know that someone tried to stop and help instead of just driving by.”

John kept the situation under control until authorities from the Jasper County Sheriff's Office arrived. Thanks to his intervention and the timely response of law enforcement, the incident was resolved peacefully, preventing any harm to the individual. This courageous act exemplifies our shared belief that we are better together and that we'll go the extra mile for each other.

“There were a lot of other people helping that day, too; it wasn’t just me," said Campbell. "I don’t know if I even did anything that special. I just stopped and talked to the guy.”

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