CFI Unveils New She Drives Truck Wrap to Honor Female Drivers

This week CFI unveiled a new She Drives truck wrap to honor female drivers. The driver behind the wheel is Penny T., who also drove the first ever She Drives CFI truck.

Penny has driven 1.6million miles for CFI without an accident and she shares that her role and driving a She Drives truck has empowered her to encourage other females to enter the industry.  "I love it. I think it's loud and it's proud," Penny said. "I think it puts us out there. When I'm on the road, I don't see a lot of companies that are doing things for women drivers, and I think what it tells us is we are women, we're out here, we can do the job, and we still look good doing it."


She Drives CFI means building an environment where women feel safe, supported, and happy in their work environment. We provide opportunities for women to grow within CFI. To hear more stories from female drivers at CFI, download our She Drives CFI eBook here

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