CFI Unveils Special “True to the Troops” and “She Drives CFI” Truck Wraps Honoring Military Veteran and Women Drivers

Five company tractor/trailer units outfitted with signature large-format graphics recognize Veteran and Women drivers for their contributions to CFI, its customers, the trucking industry

JOPLIN, MO – August 21, 2018 -- CFI, a leading North American full-truckload carrier and subsidiary of TFI International Inc. (TSX: TFII, OTCQX: TFIFF), today unveiled five custom-designed, large-format “truck wraps” recognizing the company’s military veteran and women drivers for their service to CFI and its customers, and to encourage more military veterans and women to consider truck driving as a profession.

CFI is rolling out four tractor/trailer units with new “True to the Troops” commemorative graphics, joining two existing military-themed trucks. Also new to the fleet is a special unit displaying a “She Drives CFI” truck wrap, which honors four of CFI’s longest-tenured women drivers. Out of CFI’s 2,000 driver workforce, fourteen percent are women while more than sixteen percent are U.S. military veterans.

“The women honored with this special truck are a positive example for all drivers,” said Greg Orr, president of CFI. “We want to encourage more women to enter the profession. By recognizing these pioneers, their perseverance and their trail-blazing leadership, we’re honoring the past, present and future. These professionals are real-life examples of successful women who are making a difference and proving every day through their exceptional service they are as capable as anyone in our industry.”

The four professional CFI women drivers pictured on the “She Drives CFI” truck wrap are: Stephanie Klang, Joplin, MO; Alisha Slaughter, El Paso, TX; Tanya Lateyice, Albuquerque, NM; and Jemcia Turner, Tulsa, OK.

Orr added that the military-themed commemorative wraps accomplish an equally important objective – recognizing its military veteran employees, for their service to the country, and the values of safety, reliability, and superior service they demonstrate as professional CFI drivers.

“We are dedicated to supporting our veterans and providing stable, reliable jobs for them,” said Orr. “The qualities of integrity, commitment, teamwork and a strong work ethic ingrained through their military service are the same we value highly in our employees. Our goal is to provide excellent career opportunities and a supportive, inclusive work environment that helps veterans achieve a smooth transition from the military to a quality job in the civilian sector.”

Selected to drive the “True to the Troops” trucks are four military-service veterans: Tom Christian, Austin, TX; Michael Slack, Lebanon, MO; Scott Bell, Boroda, MI; and Josh Armstrong, Leland, NC.

CFI also is producing special mementos to uniquely recognize both its women and military veteran drivers. A “She Drives CFI” commemorative coin has been minted and will be presented to each woman driver. The company also commissioned the design and production of a set of “True to the Troops” dog tags, personalized for each military veteran driver, to be presented to each veteran.

Orr emphasized that these investments in its driver community reinforce CFI’s family-friendly culture, and the company’s goal to be the No. 1 driver-preferred truckload carrier in the industry. “Professional truck drivers do not get enough recognition for their hard work and the crucial role they play in our economy,” Orr said. “The job is challenging. Those employers who are best at retaining drivers step up to the plate and provide the support, positive environment, encouragement, and competitive compensation for these professionals to enjoy the best quality of life possible.”

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