CFI Presents: Era's Tour - Mexico Edition!

CFI recently had the incredible honor of moving the iconic Eras Tour to Mexico City, ensuring the magic of music reaches fans far and wide.

With 51 trailers packed to the brim with equipment, costumes, lighting, and more, we moved the tour cross-border safely and securely. This partnership involved a lot of trust in CFI’s ability to safeguard these precious assets.  

51 CFI Trailers Moved Eras Tour Equipment  


As Alejandro Ortiz, Director of Sales, Mexico, aptly puts it:

"CFI is that trusted partner in cross-border transportation." With over 38 years of expertise, we've proven time and again that we set the stage for seamless cross-border transportation.

Since 1985 CFI has taken the complexity out of international supply chain management by offering border crossing from San Diego to Brownsville, TX., full freight visibility, and a cargo container full of shipping and logistics offerings. Learn more about our Mexico service here.

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