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efghjThe severe winter weather conditions around many parts of the United States are clearly having an impact on domestic freight transportation operations. That has been made clear in the form of various customer advisories from many brand name carriers, including: XPO Logistics, UPS, FedEx, Union Pacific, BNSF Railway, and many others. From a service perspective, Greg Orr, executive vice president, U.S. truckload for TFI International and CFI, explained that the main issues related to serving shippers impacted by these severe weather conditions are two-fold.

“It is all about communication,” he said. “Our professional drivers are trying their best to be safe and continue to move when they can, but it is at a pace that is substantially slower than normal. Continued communication and updates from them is key to our success on existing deliveries. The other side is knowing from a customer perspective which loads are a higher priority. That way we are able to focus on those loads and try to ensure the higher visibility items stay in stock for them. Expectations are extremely tough to manage for all parties involved in cases like this and our priority is keeping our drivers, our assets, and our customers freight safe and damage free.” 

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