CFI Unveils New True to the Troops Truck Wraps

Earlier this month CFI unveiled five new True to the Troops truck wraps and the drivers who will be behind the wheel. The CFI True to the Troops trucks are fan favorites and drivers are no stranger to getting asked for photos with their trucks.

Darrell B, CFI driver and veteran shares a story where one time a driver "pulled into the middle of the intersection and stopped and got a picture of the truck and then he took off and pulled over on the shoulder of the road and then videoed [him] as [he] was passing by." 

These stories are not uncommon, and we're proud that our wrapped trucks draw the attention of others as we honor our veterans.


At CFI 14% of our fleet is made up of military veterans and we're dedicated to providing our veterans and all our employees with a supportive environment that rewards excellence and offers boundless growth opportunities. Learn more about our True to the Troops program here.

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